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Exciting News: Transforming into Your Go-To Influencer and Content Creator Agency in Miami

We're thrilled to announce the grand relaunch of our agency as a specialized Influencer and Content Creator Agency in Miami. Our doors are wide open to assist brands in connecting with the perfect influencers for effective brand promotion. To mark this momentous occasion, we celebrated with Miami's local influencers, making the day truly memorable. Collaborating with Jass Kitchen and their incredible team added a touch of magic to the event. Chef "Yasemin" from Jass Kitchen crafted an exquisite menu, accompanied by the melodious tunes of Juan Santiago on the piano. Damion expertly captured the event's highlights, while the renowned local fashion photographer, Daniela Escobar, lent her skillful eye to capture stunning photographs that perfectly encapsulate the wonderful moments we shared.

We invite around 20 Miami Influencers to join us to celebrate our relaunching our business. Our team also wanted to make this day even more unique, so we got product sponsors: Bido, Freewell, Vacation, Fabricca, Zeugmaspa, and Amorosa for our goodie bag. We were so happy introducing those awesome brands to our influencers and guests who joined our event.

We made a significant beginning to our journey! What I Need Marketing Agency is a full-service Influencer and Content Creator agency that will manage all your needs for Influencer Marketing Projects. As we are located in Miami, we can help you boost your brand events with our influencer's audience. Our agency gives Content Creation services to create trend videos, photos, product reviews, and many more, which will help your brand highlight your products.

We have already signed up more than 25 influencers under our agency and are growing daily with our new talents. We will grow with our influencers and creators together. We dont work but partner with our Talents to grow their audience and engagement and achieve their goal. We meet with our influencers monthly to check on their insight and plan for the month to ensure we are aligned, and we support them enough to understand their need as much as we care about our clients.

We care about our Client's needs and their expectation. Our main goal is to provide a good service and has always returned clients. If you are interested in learning more about our agency or would like us to help you contact one of our talents, please get in touch with us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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