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Influencer marketing is the advertising phenomenon of the 21st century. At W.I.N. Marketing, we specialize in connecting interested brands with tastemakers and online influencers.

We utilize a deep understanding of the social media landscape, as well as insightful analysis of target audiences, demographics, and customer trends, to help both brands and influencers benefit from a symbiotic commercial relationship.

If you’re a company looking to reach your customers in new ways, you can benefit from our vast network of influencers. If you’re an influencer looking to capitalize on your reach and success, then you’re going to love our roster of clients.

Ready to put the power of influencer marketing to work?


This form is for social media influencers & creators who want to JOIN the W.I.N. network.

The information you provide to us within the application helps us match you to relevant brand campaigns.

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